Fairmont Petroleum Limited

Fairmont Petroleum LTD is a wholly owned Nigerian Oil & Gas Service Company that offers a range of specialized services, different from the norm to the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry.

Fairmont Petroleum LTD is well equipped to execute major projects in the upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas sector competitively. We look to deploy innovation and technology to help meet the growing needs in Nigeria, Africa and the World at large. We are a reliable and trusted company with interests in integrated refining, marketing of petroleum products and chemical manufacturing, petrochemical, diesel, plastics, gasoline production and product retailing.


We also provide services in the area of Dredging & Land Reclamation, Marin Security, Equipment Leasing & logistics, Catering, Drilling Fluid Service, Civil & Mechanical construction, Engineering Procurement Construction installation.

Fairmont Petroleum LTD has identified the existing gaps within the upstream, midstream and downstream energy sector in Nigeria, and are ready to plug these gaps using cutting-edge innovative solutions, bespoke technical capabilities according to world best practices that are globally recognized.

To Institutionalize efficiency through an outstanding service culture built on superior forward-thinking, diversified energy solutions, operational excellence and skilled workforce, effective partnership and relevance in the energy sector.

At Fairmont Petroleum LTD, we are professional, Responsive, Innovative, Dependable and Ethical. That’s our P.R.I.D.E. We believe in being accountable and transparent to our clients and to each other

Our team

Modern Equipment

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12 Plants

We offer safe workplaces, reliable insurance, and career prospects.

Eco Solutions

The energy-efficient equipment we use does not only save us money.

We work quickly and efficiently!

Our gas & oil company provides people worldwide with high-quality petroleum solutions that change their lives.